All of the transactions on our store are encrypted with 256 bit SSL, the highest form of encryption.

So, what is it? SSL stands for secure sockets layer.

An SSL Certificate is a small file that is hosted on our web server. It encrypts information that you enter, before sending it across the necessary web servers. In other words, the SSL wraps information being sent across the web in a secret code. This way, criminals are unable to see sensitive information like credit card numbers, passwords and other data as it is submitted to our store.

You can always tell when a webpage is secured with an SSL certificate by checking the URL address. SSL pages will show as: HTTPS instead of just HTTP. The “S” at the end stands for secured, which means the connection between your browser and the site is secured and encrypted. You may also see a padlock next to the HTTPS, but this really depends on the browser you’re using. HTTPS will be the tell-tale sign that the page you’re viewing is secure.

Once that connection is secure, you can rest assured that the information you're entering is not being read by anyone else. After you enter the information, it goes to the banking interchange and to your bank for verification... all in a matter of seconds and then comes back with an approval or not. None of your financial information is stored on our servers. Once the transaction is approved, the connection to the banking system is closed and we proceed to fulfill your order knowing that the payment process is complete.

Sometimes folks are uncomfortable entering financial information over the internet and want us to call them and do it over the phone.

The reality is that when we go to enter the information they gave us, we use the same encrypted communications that they would have used had they entered the information themselves and now there's a written copy that we had to create when taking the phone order. We shred the paper copies immediately but it would be better if that process never happened in the first place.

Fraud is more likely to happen where companies store your credit card information so you don't have to enter it each time. They then have databases that have the potential to be hacked. We don't store any of that information so you don't have those worries on our site.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact us as we want everyone to be totally comfortable shopping on our site.




We do collect certain information when you visit us. For example, your internet protocol or “IP” address, and your other contact information when you place an order such as name, address, phone number, etc... Our promise to you is that all of it, every character, every number, every byte of data... it all stays with us.




We hate spammers and treat any information about you as if it were our own.