Deerskin Motorcycle Gauntlet Gloves with Thinsulate

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If you're looking for Thinsulate lined deerskin motorcycle gauntlet gloves... look no further!

These deerskin gauntlet gloves provide the most comfortable protection you've ever had.

The seamless palm helps make them really comfortable.

It's more expensive to make a seamless palm in a deerskin motorcycle glove... you don't get as many pieces out of a hide when you do that. Cheap motorcycle gloves are sewn together out of a whole bunch of small pieces... labor overseas is cheap but it doesn't make for a comfortable glove.

Having one piece of smooth deerskin all across your palm is what makes your grip so comfortable.

With the gauntlets covering your sleeves and protecting your wrists along with the Velcro adjustment straps to give you a great fit... you're in for a comfortable ride!

The 40 gram Thinsulate lining will make sure your hands stay warm on those chilly rides.

Most folks find them comfortable down to about 40 degrees... depending on the individual.

These great deerskin motorcycle gauntlet gloves are available in XX-Small through XXX-Large to fit just about anyone!


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Bear Wallow Deerskin Gauntlet Gloves
Written by Paul Shaffer on Dec 19th 2019

I have two pairs of these gloves (one lined and one not) and I also bought a set for my brother. The first set (not lined) I bought, has to be more than 20 years ago. Both lined and unlined are very comfortable. I put about 15,000 miles a year on my bikes. Some fading on my original set, but other than that (what is truly minor) IMHO these hold up extremely well. Can't imagine ever wearing them out. But if I screw up and damage them, I'd buy another identical set in a heartbeat.

Written by ron on Mar 4th 2018

fit great, appear to be well made have not had a chance to use on the bike yet as biking season is still months away

Great Gloves
Written by Tim on Feb 6th 2018

Like these gloves much! They last a long time. Used for motorcycling. This is my second pair in over 6 years!

Written by David Howard on Dec 26th 2017

Love the gloves, feel, & fit. Went for a ride (motorcycle) to look at Christmas lights, 55 degrees, and my hands stayed cold.

Written by Michele on Nov 28th 2017

My Godson loved these gloves as a birthday gift. He remarked how nice the leather is.

Very nice glove
Written by Dan on Feb 10th 2017

Very nice, well made glove. Fits quite well, seams finished nicely, quality high. Bought lined gauntlet glove in black, will buy some unlined for warm weather riding. Excellent bang for the buck.

Nice Gloves
Written by Lee on Jan 4th 2017

Very nice and comfortable gloves. The deerskin is very flexible and the level of padding is warm, yet not too thick to lose contact with the throttle on my Vstrom. I would recommend these for riding only when the outside air temp is below 60. Happy customer here.

Beautiful Gloves!
Written by undefined on Dec 30th 2016

I looked and looked and looked for the right gloves for my picky 20 year old step son. He works at Harley Davidson and owns a Harley. These gloves were a hit. They are very good quality and well-made. So glad I decided to go with these particular gloves. Very nice.

Right Style - Not Warm Enough
Written by Mark Gately on Nov 24th 2016

Found these gloves in a top 10 winter gloves review. Wanted gauntlet gloves for colder weather, and wanted the vintage look. After one ride in mid-40's running local roads <50mph, hands were cold, and I put on a liner very early into the ride. After 60 miles hands colder that I liked and was disappointed in the glove. I do love the style, and glove piece is a nice soft leather, but seam between glove and gauntlet is a little above the base my hand (I am 6'4" 210 lbs). Also the velcro strap is to short and easily pops out of the ring when putting the glove on. making it a hassle to rethread it after your gloves are on. Lastly, the glove material is different leather than the gauntlet, and it's obvious. Style is right, control is nice, price is good. If the gloves were warmer the other stuff wouldn't be a big deal for me. Maybe temps in the 40's just require more glove? ******************* Hi Mark, Like we say in the description, most people seem to find them to be fine down to about 40 degrees but it really depends on the individual... cold affects everyone differently. If you'd like to return them, we're happy to honor our 100% satisfaction guarantee and give you a full refund. Wes and Cher

Great product, even better service
Written by undefined on Nov 20th 2016

I bought a pair of these last year. My wife coveted them so much, I ordered her a pair. But when they arrived, they were without the lined gauntlets that mine had. When I wrote to BW to ask if this was a flaw or a design change, BW immediately wrote back that it was a design change initiated by the manufacturer, but that BW had persuaded their jobber to go back to the lined gauntlet style. BW immediately sent us a new, lined pair, so now my wife is as happy as I am. These gloves are perfect for cool weather, and sacrifice almost nothing in the way of control feel over unlined deerskin gloves. They are sybaritically comfortable, and keep our hands comfy down to at least 60 degrees--which is my cut off for riding. I so have heavily lined, thick snowmobile gloves I used to use for winter riding, but they have been in storage for decades. These gloves easily take care of my early spiring, late fall riding, and the unlined version is my warm weather glove. Oh joy!

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