Perfect Gardener Goatskin Gloves

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 Superior Quality Goatskin Gloves that are so comfortable, you won't want to take them off!

  • American Heritage Gloves... Made in the USA!
  • These are our most popular gloves... the reasons are obvious once you try a pair on.
  • They have great dexterity, wear well and have all the comfort of natural goatskin.
  • While goatskin is one of the toughest leathers available, its incredible comfort will fool you and whereas cowhide will turn stiff when it gets wet, goatskin retains its suppleness.
  • Seamless palms and the seams on the back of the gloves are on the outside for more comfort... no seams to rub and irritate your hands.
  • You hardly ever see seamless palms because it's a lot more expensive to cut a whole palm in one piece from a hide than it is to patchwork small pieces together.
  • Great for gardening or as an all around general work glove.
  • Lightweight silver goatskin gloves now available in sizes 6 through 13!
  • Made in the USA!
  • Important! Dated: December 13, 2023
    The woman tht sews the gloves for us has had to go into the hospital and won't return for at least two months.
    Unfortunately, we will be out of stock of sold out American Heritage gloves, which includes the Perfect Gardeners.
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Wonderful Gloves
Written by KRS03 on Dec 5th 2023

My 2nd pair. Did lots to wear out the first pair. Naturally tough and more wet-recoverable than cowhide. I'd get a size larger than normally measured, as my new pair is tighter than the first ones.

Awesome gloves
Written by Anna on May 30th 2023

I absolutely love these gloves! They're tough, but supple. I've dug in mud digging up sweet potatoes and yet, once dried and used a bit, they're no longer stiff. They're my go-to gardening and barn chore gloves. I think I have 4 pair stashed in various places so a pair is never far from where I need them. My only wish is that the fingers were just about 1/2" shorter, but I have short fingers. The size 6 fits my fingers, but is a bit tight elsewhere. The 7s fit me perfectly, but the fingers are just a tad long. But I'll never use any other brand!

Best gloves ever
Written by Marianne on May 5th 2023

These are my second pair of goatskin gloves from Bear Wallow and I will never buy anything else. They are beautifully made and very durable. Living on 2 1/2 acres requires a lot of work, and a lot of that work is weed pulling. These gloves protect my hands from the toughest weeds out there. I’m so happy I have gloves I can count on. On another note, the order was processed quickly and I got the gloves in very good time. I would highly recommend these gloves to any serious gardener.

Written by John Hirshfeld on Jul 14th 2022

These are great gloves. I deliberately ordered them a little bit on the tight side figuring that they would stretch and conform to my hands with use - they did. They are the perfect balance of toughness, softness and suppleness. I have to protect my hands in order for them to be clean and callus-free for my day job. These are perfect for that purpose.

Durable and Comfortable
Written by RedMt Dave on Apr 16th 2022

I've been buying these gloves for about 4-5 years now. Depending on my DIY activities, I get between 1.5-2 years of use from these gloves. I tend to use these gloves for construction style projects.

Had a hard spot
Written by Tom on Feb 6th 2022

There was a hard spot in the web of the finger that was digging in. I trimmed it out and it's good now. ******************************** We're sorry for that Tom. If we'd known, we'd have gladly replaced the gloves. We try to catch problems before they ship but sometimes they slip through. We hope the gloves work well for you now that you eliminated the problem. Wes and Cher

Best Garden Gloves
Written by Linda L Knowles on Jan 13th 2022

These American Heritage goatskin gloves definitely have my seal of approval! As a gardener with over 300 roses, and a whole bunch more plants and trees, I give my gloves a good work-out, and these gloves can really take it. They are supple, strong, and can be hosed off after a muddy time in the garden.

garden gloves
Written by Milford Roth on Dec 25th 2021

My wife loved her Christmas present garden gloves!

Best Gardening Gloves
Written by Mia M. on Dec 20th 2021

I bought a pair of these gloves for gardening. They fit comfortably and length for me was perfect for trimming rose bushes etc. and sizing is accurate. I now buy as gifts for my gardening friends.

Best gloves ever
Written by Janet Portman on Dec 9th 2021

I bought a pair at the suggestion of the guy at my local small engine repair shop, which stocks the regular stuff you see in hardware stores (they fall apart and do not protect your hands from thistles, splinters). He told me to get these gloves, and he was so right. They are soft and comfortable, and plenty tough. I bought two more pairs for my sons.

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