Perfect Gardener Goatskin Gloves

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 Superior Quality Goatskin Gloves that are so comfortable, you won't want to take them off!

  • American Heritage Gloves... Made in the USA!
  • These are our most popular gloves... the reasons are obvious once you try a pair on.
  • They have great dexterity, wear well and have all the comfort of natural goatskin.
  • While goatskin is one of the toughest leathers available, its incredible comfort will fool you and whereas cowhide will turn stiff when it gets wet, goatskin retains its suppleness.
  • Seamless palms and the seams on the back of the gloves are on the outside for more comfort... no seams to rub and irritate your hands.
  • You hardly ever see seamless palms because it's a lot more expensive to cut a whole palm in one piece from a hide than it is to patchwork small pieces together.
  • Great for gardening or as an all around general work glove.
  • Lightweight silver goatskin gloves now available in sizes 6 through 13!
  • Made in the USA!

6 = XX-Small
7 = X-Small
8 = Small
9 = Medium
10 = Large
11 = X-Large
12 = XX-Large
13 = XXX-Large

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Nice goat skin garden gloves, one big design flaw
Written by Carissa on Nov 1st 2021

They feel great on my hands and look beautiful, however there is a major design flaw: they are so loose around the wrist that dirt and mulch regularly get inside my gloves requiring me to repeatedly take the gloves off during any garden task to shake them out. This is highly frustrating and inconvenient and seems like it could be fairly easily solved with a few design tweaks to tighten the cuff area. Bear Wallow Response... We did come out with the Perfect Gardeners with an elastic cuff a few years ago but they just didn't sell at all so we had to drop them. People prefer the open cuff.

Tough, Yet Soft!
Written by Georgia Girl on Oct 28th 2021

These gloves can handle the toughest briars and thorns with ease, while providing maximum comfort. I’ve tried all brands of gloves, and Bear Wallow beats them all!

Written by Pam on Oct 21st 2021

Your products are the only garden gloves I use. My daughter asked specifically for these gloves for Christmas. As a new homeowner she’s borrowed mine several times and loves them like I do. Excellent quality and wear well.

Gardening gloves
Written by Robert A Cash on Aug 10th 2021

The product is fine, my second pair. They are a tad tight for me even tho I ordered the largest size 13. Can I soak in water and then wear for a while to stretch them a little?? ****************** Actually Robert, if you can make a fist even though they're tight, they should stretch out to fit your hand without soaking them in water.

Written by Sam on Jul 30th 2021

I really like these gloves. This is my second pair. Because they are soft and flexible they don't make my hands tired after a full day working.

Still love these gloves!
Written by Anna Whitlock Henry on Jun 23rd 2021

This is my second order of these gloves. I put them through the ringer, so to speak, while working with horses, doing barn chores, gardening, maintaining the arena and round pen, and a myriad of other things. They've held up well and are great even after getting wet. The only reason I ordered again was to go down one size. The 7s were just a little long in the fingers, but the 6s are perfect!

Perfect Gardener Goatskin Gloves
Written by Peter Bovey on Jun 1st 2021

These gloves look and feel too nice for the yard work I do, but having used them for the last 3 days, I want to put them on before I start anything else! The sizing is perfect (size 10 and I usually wear Large) for what I do and feels like a second skin. We’ll see how they wear, but I sure love the fit and feel of these gloves!

Written by John Hirshfeld on May 28th 2021

These are wonderful gloves!! I have an old pair of goatskin gloves (made by another manufacturer) that's still very serviceable.. My daughter borrowed them and really liked them. So I decided to get her her own pair. I found the Bear Wallow gloves and ordered a pair for her. They are beautifully made and beautiful - almost too beautiful to get dirty. However, gardening is what they are for and goatskin is clearly the ideal material for gardening gloves so they promptly began moving mulch. My daughter loves hers. Of note, she has very long fingers so we ordered one size larger (9) than her hand measurements and it worked out to have perfect finger length for her hands. I'll get my own pair when I wear out my current pair!!

Work gloves
Written by Laura Alrich on Apr 29th 2021

I absolutely Love these gloves!! Finally real gloves for real working women. They fit snug at first but that’s the way you want them, they will eventually form perfectly to your hands. Best product

Goatskin Work Gloves
Written by Lannis on Apr 24th 2021

Ordered two pairs of these gloves. They fit well and have a very nice "feel". The cuff makes them easy to pull on and keeps dirt from getting down the gloves when gardening or handling firewood. I'll report again if I ever wear them out!

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