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Made in the USA!

Another great glove from American Heritage Glove Company!

These durable goatskin gloves are our most popular, all around work gloves and a favorite with Ranchers, Farmers and Truck Drivers.

The reasons are obvious once you put a pair on!

  • While goatskin is one of the toughest leathers available, its incredible comfort will fool you and whereas cowhide will turn stiff when it gets wet, goatskin retains its suppleness.
  • These gloves feature a fully welted thumb, seamless palm and leather band cuff which make them the most comfortable, longest wearing gloves you've ever worn.
  • You hardly ever see seamless palms because it's a lot more expensive to cut a whole palm in one piece from a hide than it is to patchwork smaller pieces together.
  • These gloves also feature outseams on the back of the palm. The advantage to this type of construction is that there are no seams on the front or back of the palm to rub and irritate your skin.
  • Everyone who's ever worn these gloves say they'll outwear multiple pairs of cowhide gloves and they're the best gloves they've ever owned.
  • Try a pair yourself... you'll be glad you did and you have nothing to lose with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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  1. Great American Gloves

    Posted by Johney on Mar 3rd 2017

    I drive a truck for a living and use gloves often and in harsh conditions. It is great to find these superior quality gloves that are comfortable right from the start. And as a double bonus I get to buy a Great American made glove from a customer service oriented company, The price is reasonable, m the quality superb and shipping is fast, m Thanks Bear Wallow.

  2. Well made with EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY

    Posted by Clifford Maesaka on Dec 30th 2016

    As a 78 tear old man, I have had the pleasure and trials related to leather "work/ gardening" gloves.
    I recently purchased my first Bear wallow gloves, and can only use superlatives to describe the fit, quality, and durability of the gloves.
    I have purchased Gauntlet Rose, deerskin, and 2 Ranch Hand Goatskins - one for my daughter.
    I would highly recommend any of the Bear Wallow gloves, and will not use any other brand.

  3. Great gloves

    Posted by Scrappile on Jun 18th 2016

    I decided to try these gloves because I was tired of buying gloves locally and having them wear out in one days use. These gloves are tough, and very comfortable. I am back to order more. They will be my work glove from now on.

  4. Great Gloves

    Posted by Lori on Sep 7th 2015

    I just ordered my third pair. These are hands down the greatest gloves I have had.
    I am very hard on gloves using them for brushing our property, gardening, chopping wood, ect.
    The only other thing I would want is a 6 inch gauntlet like the first pair I bought.
    This protects a little more of the forearm, for cutting berry bushes.
    As long as I use outdoor gloves these will be the gloves for me.

  5. Dead Nuts

    Posted by dmp on Jun 25th 2015

    These gloves are spot on. Dead center. Right on the money. Dead Nuts. I look & look & look for QUALITY work gloves... not just work gloves. All the same, me-too gloves. Close your eyes & pick one, come back in 6 months & do it again...
    NOT THESE RANCH HANDS ! This product stands alone atop the podium. Nothing is the same stratosphere as these. Price, Quality, Fit, Appearance. There is NO WAY I will EVER buy another brand. Of course, I will ONLY have to purchase another pair if I loose these, or someone steals them off my hands when I am sleeping, because they are not gonna wear out in MY lifetime.

  6. Ranch Hands

    Posted by Susan on Jan 29th 2015

    "OMGoodness! Wow! And, Thank You so much…you are the Best wife!" This is what I heard from my husband when I gave him a repeat gift of these gloves. My Larry is a truck driver and knows his gloves. I bought him a brand name glove in the summer and they did not last at all. I had forgotten where I got the gloves from Christmas 2013 and finally remembered in time for his birthday. Phew! We are lifers now. Thank you so much for caring about your quality gloves. Susan and Larry

  7. Best Ranch Glove!!!!

    Posted by MHobbs on Jan 26th 2015

    I have tried many types of work gloves with little success. I was given a pair of Ranch Hands for Christmas. After one day with these gloves, I'm completely satisfied. I'm on my fourth pair of these gloves and I wouldn't wear any other brand. These fit well, out last other major brands and have great water-resistance. I have given these gloves as gifts and my whole family has a pair. BEST WORK GLOVE EVER!!!

  8. Great for utility work!

    Posted by Jeremy on Aug 5th 2014

    Love em! I use these at home and at work. They are much better then the glove the utility provides.

  9. Holey-Moley No More!

    Posted by Susan (and Larry) on Jan 14th 2014

    It was pitiful how my husband would pay too much for gloves (truck driver) and end up with holey gloves so he would get every bit of use out of them...until now. AND, these are very stylish AND comfortable! His work pals are asking where they came from...even his gym trainer (who is a cowboy) wants a pair. Love-Love 4-ever!

  10. Another Home-Run

    Posted by CCC the workwear eater on Jul 25th 2013

    I completely love the Protector gauntlet gloves I ordered
    a few months ago, so I came back & ordered these "Ranch Hands". Just like my other pair, they are a great price, perfect fit, tough, and good looking too.

    I work for a riverkeeper district in South Louisiana and have my hands in and out of acidic, muddy water all day doing really tough work that shreds lesser gloves. Both sets of Bear Wallow gloves I have dry well after being soaked and are perfect again after a light cleaning and conditioning.

    I have small hands (sz 7) and HATE when gloves fit poorly, as it makes my job not only harder but dangerous. These gloves fit perfectly from day 1, and put all the other work gloves I've gotten to shame.

    On top of all that, I was pleasantly surprised at the speed I received my order, the personal note included, and the ease with which I was able to get a question answered directly by Wes.
    Thanks for making truly great products at a great price.

  11. A smart investment

    Posted by Paul on May 4th 2013

    I had been using $5 a pair, made who knows where, goat skin gloves for two years. They would only last me about a week before they would get holes in the palms and fingers.

    I decided to try to find made in the USA gloves. Based on the information here, these ranch hand gloves are made in the USA which I love. The fact is that these are GREAT gloves that I am so happy that I purchased. One pair has lasted me 6 months without any holes or tears. This fact makes these gloves a much smarter use of my money. Keep making them in the USA and keep the quality high. Thanks.

  12. husband loves them

    Posted by Anna on Oct 1st 2011

    I recently gave these gloves to my husband for Christmas. He loves them. Also just wanted to say it has been a
    pleasure dealing with your company so quick and great!

    Thanks so much!

  13. No blisters!

    Posted by Robert on Feb 25th 2011

    Was very pleased with the Ranch Hand gloves -- used them to rake this fall's harvest of leaves (I prefer raking versus using a leaf blower).

    For the first time I didn't develop a blister! Great product.

  14. Happy with gloves

    Posted by Glenn on Feb 19th 2011

    I am very happy with the gloves. You can look forward to more orders from me.

  15. Made in USA!

    Posted by Marie on Jan 25th 2011

    I especially liked that the gloves are made right here, in the USA!

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