Ranch Hand Goatskin Gloves

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size: 12.00 W × 3.00 H × 8.00 L
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American Heritage Gloves... Made in the USA!

These heavy duty goatskin gloves are very popular with Ranchers, Farmers and Truck Drivers.

The reasons are obvious once you put a pair on!

  • While goatskin is one of the toughest leathers available, its incredible comfort will fool you and whereas cowhide will turn stiff when it gets wet, goatskin retains its suppleness.

  • These gloves feature a fully welted thumb, seamless palm and leather band cuff which make them the most comfortable, longest wearing gloves you've ever worn.

  • You hardly ever see seamless palms because it's a lot more expensive to cut a whole palm in one piece from a hide than it is to patchwork smaller pieces together.

  • These gloves also feature out-seams on the back of the palm. The advantage to this type of construction is that there are no seams on the front or back of the palm to rub and irritate your skin.

  • Everyone who's ever worn these gloves say they'll outwear multiple pairs of cowhide gloves and they're the best gloves they've ever owned.

  • Try a pair yourself... you'll be glad you did and you have nothing to lose with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

  • NOTE: If you're considering ordering a pair of size 7 Ranch Hands, be aware that they will seem stiffer and have to be broken in. Small sizes in this leather are stiffer than regular chore gloves due to the thicker, more durable leather. A more comfortable alternative would be the size 7 Perfect Gardeners.
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Glove review
Written by heath evans on Dec 3rd 2021

Nice and comfortable. I would like to see if you could custom make some that are heavier as I do a lot of fencing with barbed wire and tend to go through gloves quickly. These will work great for my general chores!

Ranch Hand Glove Purchase
Written by John on Nov 11th 2021

I am very satisfied with my recent purchase of gloves. The quality is superb, made in America and I have already recommended them to my friends. So glad I found this company.

Goatskin gloves
Written by Rob Wonderlich on Oct 25th 2021

Fit well and feel good!

ranch hand
Written by William on Aug 3rd 2021

I ordered the largest size, size 13. I like the one-piece palm and the external seams. For my particular hand, the fingers could have been longer. I have very long fingers. So far, the gloves seem well made. I have not worn them outside yet.

Glove evaluation
Written by Bruce on Jul 4th 2021

Very durable, fit is tight on right hand even though I filled out the question at time of purchase that I was right handed. Wears very well, will buy more

Ranch Hand gloves
Written by Brad Swisher on May 20th 2021

So far, these are the best gloves I have ever bought. Typically the seams in the thumb come apart with other brands,but the welting should reduce or eliminate that. The fit and comfort is fantastic!

Written by Ned on May 4th 2021

Sturdy and comfortable!

the. best. gloves.
Written by teri on Mar 31st 2021

my son works in masonry and these are the best gloves we can find for him. They take a beating and last longer than any others. Thanks Bear Wallow!

Love Em
Written by Blake on Mar 9th 2021

I am very hard on my leather work gloves. I've been trying to find a good American made glove to satisfy my needs and just recently came across these ranch hand goatskin gloves. Upon wearing for the first time, I could easily tell that these were superior to the last couple of brands I've tried (and also a bit cheaper). I haven't had them long enough yet to comment on durability, but I can tell that they are definitely a quality product and if they hold up like I'm hoping, they will be my new go to brand indefinitely.

Ranch Hand Gloves
Written by Tracy Callahan on Dec 28th 2020

Here we are around the holidays in the year of COVID and we still received our gloves so quickly! They are great leather and the size seems really good. They are a little snug on my husband but in that good just fresh kind of way. I’m sure they will stretch when they are finally used. He is a little concerned that the seem on the fingers is in the grip zone but since we just received them he hasn’t had a chance to get out and use them. Hopefully we can update our review after use. I’m giving them 4 stars just because of the seem concerns.

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