Ranch Hand Goatskin Gloves

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size: 12.00 W × 3.00 H × 8.00 L
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Made in the USA!

Another great glove from American Heritage Glove Company!

These durable goatskin gloves are our most popular, heavy duty work gloves and a favorite with Ranchers, Farmers and Truck Drivers.

The reasons are obvious once you put a pair on!

  • While goatskin is one of the toughest leathers available, its incredible comfort will fool you and whereas cowhide will turn stiff when it gets wet, goatskin retains its suppleness.

  • These gloves feature a fully welted thumb, seamless palm and leather band cuff which make them the most comfortable, longest wearing gloves you've ever worn.

  • You hardly ever see seamless palms because it's a lot more expensive to cut a whole palm in one piece from a hide than it is to patchwork smaller pieces together.

  • These gloves also feature outseams on the back of the palm. The advantage to this type of construction is that there are no seams on the front or back of the palm to rub and irritate your skin.

  • Everyone who's ever worn these gloves say they'll outwear multiple pairs of cowhide gloves and they're the best gloves they've ever owned.

  • Try a pair yourself... you'll be glad you did and you have nothing to lose with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

  • NOTE: If you're considering ordering a pair of size 7 Ranch Hands, be aware that they will seem stiffer and have to be broken in. Small sizes in this leather are stiffer than regular chore gloves due to the thicker, more durable leather. A more comfortable alternative would be the size 7 Perfect Gardeners.
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Excellent Gloves
Written by HGrant on Aug 15th 2019

I purchased these gloves back in Oct'18 and have found that these are excellent work gloves for the more heavy duty work around my property.

Ranch hand gloves
Written by Gene on Jun 17th 2019

Very pleased with the gloves. Everything I was looking for in a glove.

Written by Frank on Jun 13th 2019

Cannot be happier and my hands are certainly great full. Purchased these gloves for fencing on the ranch best investment I could have done. They are not only comfortable and flexible, but the upper cuffs save you from barbs grabbing your shirt or skin when working with wire.

Best all-round glove
Written by Richard on Mar 8th 2019

Living in the Pacific Northwest, we have to deal with rampant blackberry invasions. These ranch hand gloves made from goat skin are the ONLY glove able to handle the thorns. I've tried others, but these simply work and save your hands. I use them for everything. Worn holes in 3 pair over the past few years and will keep using them, hopefully for as long as Bear Wallow offers them. Then I'll just quit :-)

Great gloves
Written by Beverly Wright on Jul 13th 2018

Durable and top quality. Very fast shipping. Delighted with the purchase.

1st pair lasted over five years
Written by undefined on Mar 6th 2018

I use the RANCH HAND gloves about 3 times a week and it took over 5 years to wear them out. Just as advertised they soften over time and protect well while wet.

Not for ladies
Written by Linda on Nov 2nd 2017

The gloves for my husband he loves. He wears size 10. I ordered a size 7 for myself and the seams between the fingers hurt. _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/ (Bear Wallow Note: We've realized size 7 in the Ranch Hands are very stiff due to the thick leather for smaller hands and have noted that in the description) Linda then tried the Perfect Gardeners which were much more comfortable for that size.

perfect fit beautiful leather.soft
Written by daryl barenholtz on Oct 21st 2017

old fashioned honest company...I bought what looked like good gloves off the rack at the Farm store and they still look pretty good but the leather has worn out in several places...only after a few months...I know from my past experience with gloves from Bear Wallow, that they will last...I should not have been so quick to run to the local farm store....it is well worth the time and effort to shop online with this firm..their personal treatment of each customer is extraordinary in this age...HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Best gloves I've found
Written by Jim on Jun 16th 2017

Great gloves, once I got the sizing right. I like my gloves a bit loose--the size based on my hand measurements was a bit too snug for me. My current pair has worn well, just now some of the stitching along the fingers is coming undone. Not unexpected as I use the gloves hard. I like that after being wet they don't get stiff when dry. I just received the two new pairs that I had ordered. They'll be in reserve because the current pair still has some life yet.

Very good gloves
Written by Gardener Kate on Apr 15th 2017

I keep trying to love these gloves, since I appreciate the fact that they're USA made. Trouble is, my hands seem to be right in between an 8 and a 9, so neither is quite right. I also wish they had a slightly smaller cuff, as it accentuates my farmer's tan. (I work out doors and wear gloves pretty much all the time.) However, they are very well made, the leather is supple, and they last forever. (I also suspect I can't quite love them as I DO love Bear Wallow's deerskin gloves.) Bottom line is, I think they're a great buy, and I suspect if they fit me a little better I'd buy them over the deerskin because they're made in the USA.

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