Ranch Hand Plus Goatskin Gloves with 4" cuff

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size: 12.00 W × 3.00 H × 8.00 L
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Made in the USA!

Another great glove from American Heritage Glove Company!

These durable goatskin gloves are just like our most popular, all around work gloves, the Ranch Hands except they have a longer, 4" cuff to give your forearm more protection. They are very popular with Utility Workers, Linemen and folks looking for that added protection.

The reasons are obvious once you put a pair on!

  • While goatskin is one of the toughest leathers available, its incredible comfort will fool you and whereas cowhide will turn stiff when it gets wet, goatskin retains its suppleness.

  • These gloves feature a fully welted thumb, seamless palm and leather band cuff which make them the most comfortable, longest wearing gloves you've ever worn.

  • You hardly ever see seamless palms because it's a lot more expensive to cut a whole palm in one piece from a hide than it is to patchwork smaller pieces together.

  • These gloves also feature outseams on the back of the palm. The advantage to this type of construction is that there are no seams on the front or back of the hand to rub and irritate your skin.

  • Everyone who's ever worn these gloves say they'll outwear multiple pairs of cowhide gloves and they're the best gloves they've ever owned.

  • Try a pair yourself... you'll be glad you did and you have nothing to lose with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

  • NOTE: If you're considering ordering a pair of size 7 Ranch Hand Plus, be aware that they will seem stiffer and have to be broken in. Small sizes in this leather are stiffer than regular chore gloves due to the thicker, more durable leather. A more comfortable alternative would be the size 7 Perfect Gardeners.
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Written by Sam on Jul 30th 2021

This is my first pair of these gloves and they are super nice for planting. The longer sleeve helps keep the dirt out. The softness of the Bear Wallow gloves keeps my hands from getting tired.

The Best!
Written by Jeff on Jun 28th 2021

These are seriously the best gloves on the market. The goatskin stays soft and supple and the 4" cuff prevents dirt and other debris from getting into the gloves. I also use them to prune trees and roses as they do a great job at protecting my forearms. This is my second pair and they last forever (I lost my original pair). Bear Wallow is amazing and I love how they personalize each purchase. Can't do better than these gloves--I love them!

best yard gloves i've ever owned
Written by Adrik on May 18th 2021

The fit and finish, the quality of the leather, the dexterity, the comfort, are all fantastic. All for the same price as the throwaway stuff in the hardware store. I put these on, grabbed my chainsaw, drove my tractor, pulled full-grown thistles, chucked logs, mowed grass - all with impunity and control. I'll wear these till they're through and then I'll buy another, and another.

High Quality - Need fit suggestions for women
Written by Julie C on Jul 28th 2020

These are well made, strong gloves that allow good finger movement. My only complaint is that I wish I hadn't listened to their fitting suggestions, specifically they suggest that the gloves will fit very snug if you get the size correlating to your measurement... I can see this probably being true for men, but it would have been nice if this was noted that it probably isn't true for woman. So while these gloves fit me better than anything I could find in a store, I wish I hadn't ordered a size up. I also ordered the garden gloves, but in my "true" size and those are much better (if even a little too big still!).

Written by John Hughes on May 27th 2020

Great gloves.

Great Gloves
Written by Kris on May 18th 2020

I ordered several different Bear Wallow gloves and while they all seem great the Ranch Hand Plus Goatskin Gloves with 4" cuff will likely be my workhorse. I have been looking for something like these for some time, the utility player who can cover most of the bases. My back will wear out before these gloves ever do!

Great gloves
Written by Phil Greenisen on May 7th 2020

Just got these gloves today so I haven't used them yet but they are well made. Shipping was fast (ordered Monday and they arrived in Ohio on Thursday). Appreciate the fact that shipping was actual cost and not inflated. And of course, Made in USA was very important.

Goatskin Gloves wCuff
Written by Cathy on Apr 26th 2020

Goatskin gloves are the best -- they don't wear out at the seams or fingertips and hold up well even after getting wet.

Ranch gloves
Written by John Millican on Jan 15th 2020

Just bought my second pair. Really great general purpose gloves and very hard-wearing. Great service from their customer services department as I knew the size of gloves I required.

Written by Thomas on Oct 27th 2019

I have two particularly nasty weeds, which have made dealing painful in the past. Thick penetrating thorns, and the other has hundreds of small needles. These gloves weren't even phased - I grabbed onto type, repeatedly, yesterday and pulled & cut. I felt nothing, so the yard should now fear me. They are a little snug, but this was day one and I expect this to stretch a bit.

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