• Protector Original Goatskin Gauntlet Rose Gloves

Protector Original Gauntlet Rose Gloves


Product Description

(Shown with one Velcro Strap attached - comes with two)

  • You'll never have to worry again about your hands and arms when pruning your Rose Bushes or Berry Vines... not as long as you're wearing your "Protector" Rose Pruning Gauntlet Gloves from American Heritage. Yes, they're made right here in the USA!

  • These beautiful gloves are made from soft, yet durable goatskin long considered by the experts to be the longest wearing and have the best puncture resistance of any natural material. You get real protection ...

  • The 12" gauntlets protect your whole forearm, not just part of it and are made from split cowhide that's just stiff enough to stay in place but soft enough to flex with your arm to make working with these gloves a real pleasure.

  • As an added bonus, if your forearm isn't a foot long and you'd like to customize the gauntlet length to make it more comfortable, you can cut the gauntlet to fit because there are rivets to keep the seams from unraveling!

  • Most people we've talked to won't cut them... they say they're too pretty to cut and the gauntlets are so comfortable, they just wear them up over their elbows.

  • Huge range of sizes ...

    Nowhere else will you find rose gauntlet gloves in sizes ranging from 6 all the way through 13 (that's equivalent to XX-Small through XXX-Large) and half sizes too!

  • Here's a growing list of what our customers are using them for:

  • Pruning Roses
  • Attacking Berry Vines
  • Trimming Brush
  • Working with Barbed Wire
  • Bee Keeping
  • Citrus Pruing and Picking
  • Working with Cactus
  • Carrying in Fire Wood
  • MIG Welding
  • Operating Gas Driven Weedeater
  • Logging
  • Repairing Fences

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  1. Great Garden Gloves

    Posted by Mary on Feb 21st 2017

    Great protection for rose and cactus. Won't garden without Them! Thank You! Super fast shipping, too!

  2. Love My Bear Wallow Rose Gloves

    Posted by Patricia Arthur on Nov 27th 2016

    This is my third pair of Bear Wallor rose gloves. Although I wear them out in about 1 1/2 years, they are the best I have ever found for protecting my hands & arms as I move through my 24 roses, pruning and such. So comfortable and useful!

  3. Awesome Gloves

    Posted by JackT on Jul 12th 2015

    I use these on my ranch for doing many things. Where they really standout is when I am dealing with blackberrys. I use the loppers to cut low and grab the stems anywhere and yank through the tangled vines. I have yet to get pinched or poked. Really amazing considering how soft and supple they are. I am buying my second pair now. One of the fingers stitching has come undone but this after about 5 years.

  4. What I have been looking for.....

    Posted by Gary Michalek on Apr 19th 2015

    I've had rose gloves before, but none as good as these. Worth the price and then some. I'm an advanced Master Gardener through Michigan State University Extension, and am going after a bed of overgrown rugosa roses with these great gloves.
    Going to buy my daughter a pair for Mother's Day gift.

  5. These Gloves Rock

    Posted by icebird on Apr 13th 2014

    Watch out for sizing, my size was 8 when I followed the instructions and I got a 9 1/2 and its still kinda snug. That being said, these gloves are HEAVY duty. The gauntlet allows me to weed without having an allergic reaction. I imagine it will be great with roses. Gauntlet is nice thick leather, gloves are softer with more dexterity. Glad I spent the money.

  6. Super Glove!!!!!!

    Posted by Old Gardener on Nov 10th 2013

    I have the gloves with the Velcro strap and love them. I love working in the yard and didn't fear scratches, pain or blood, at least until I became older and found my self with medical complications. I have had the gloves for a couple of years now, and I again have no reason to worry about thorns. Thank You for offering such a great product!!!!! With these and my snake gaiters, I can dive into anything!

  7. My New Gloves

    Posted by John Hannah on Aug 27th 2013

    Thank you for the quick delivery of my Protector "Original" Rose Gloves with their 12 inch gauntlets.
    These are undoubtedly the very best rose gloves that I have ever possessed. They allow me to face the ferocious thorns of my huge beautiful floribundas on more equal terms.

  8. Great Gloves

    Posted by Stew on Aug 8th 2013

    Today I received my gloves in the mail from the US. I am very impressed with the gloves. Thanks to Wes and Cher for making sure that I got the correct size for my hands.They could not fit better!!! I live in Australia and was unable to find Gauntlets of this quality.My pruning season is now over but am looking forward to testing these gloves on the numerous rose bushes that I tend to!!!

  9. Hands down best value for fit, price, quality

    Posted by CCC the workwear eater on Jul 25th 2013

    I completely love the Protector gauntlet gloves I ordered
    a few months ago. I work at the local riverkeeper district in South
    Louisiana, constructing wetlands, doing vegetative bank restoration, cutting removing fallen trees & more-- my arms were torn up by briars, sedges, switchgrass, barbed wire & mattresses dumped along the banks...you name it. Now I fear nothing!
    The gloves dry well after being soaked and are perfect again after a light cleaning and conditioning. The crew I work with are jealous of my gloves and looking forward to the next gear allotment so they can snag a pair, too.
    I have small hands (sz 7) and HATE when gloves fit poorly, as it makes my job not only harder but dangerous. These gloves fit perfectly from day 1, and put all the other work gloves I've gotten to shame. I have already ordered a pair of "ranch hands" for general use, and they are perfect as well, and a great deal for the money.
    I was pleasantly surprised at the speed I received my order, the personal note included, and the ease with which I was able to get a question answered directly by Wes. Thanks for making truly great products at a great price.

  10. very happy

    Posted by kay on Jun 18th 2013

    We were delighted with our order. It arrived in 7 days and beautifully gift wrapped. A little bit of America in New Zealand now. Thank you so much. Have not tried the gloves yet but they look great. Pruning time soon.

  11. Original Protector gloves

    Posted by Chip on Dec 31st 2012

    Purchased as a gift for my fiance, who loves the quality and fit. He will no longer get attacked by thorns from locust trees and the like. Thank you for making such a fine product, here in the U.S.A.! Will definitely purchase here, again. Sizing assistance was most helpful, and purchasing form this company is very easy- no Pay Pal, no passwords, no hassles. Delivery was extremely rapid and packaging was very thoughtful!

  12. These are amazing gloves!

    Posted by Linda gardener on Oct 4th 2012

    I bought these to deal with some wild blackberry bushes in my yard. I decided today to just remove them completely since they weren't very obedient. Not a single scratch on me! These gloves are nothing less than magical when dealing with nasty thorns! I highly recommend them.

  13. perfect blackberry gloves

    Posted by john maloney on Aug 25th 2012

    i bought these 1 year ago and this year i finally got to use them. they are the most perfect tool for thorn bearing brush i have ever used. i have spent many hours cutting and dragging the cut branches out of dense underbrush. once in a while a slight tip of one thorn may touch your hand slightly, while 99.9% never do, even while squeezing and pulling the thorny stalks vigorously. the measuring instructions are spot on. measure carefully and get the next larger size if you are not absolutely positive you do not need to go larger. i went up to the next size and these fit like an expensive pair of dress gloves. the gauntlets are brilliant, they could not work better.
    an american made product that shines.
    i bring these to work just to show my co-workers what i am using for seattle's ever thriving blackberry population.

  14. Fabulous product

    Posted by M Smith on Apr 5th 2012

    I ordered the American Heritage Protector Gloves, earlier this week and they had arrived by yesterday's mail.
    I've already used them pulling Thistle from my yard and if I could remember to slide my hand from the bottom up I wouldn't have had any thorns.
    I'm going to recommend them to everyone.

  15. Best Gloves I've Owned

    Posted by RichWa on Nov 23rd 2011

    Let me start off by saying I hate gloves; I prefer my hands free. However, my wife and I are in a continual battle against blackberries on our 4 acres. We don't spray, we cut the stem and paint it. This is a task not to be done without gloves if one values his/her skin.

    I found these gloves about a year ago and have been using them constantly since. I have nothing but praises for them. They give me 98% protection again the thorns; this is way better than any other gloves I've use. They are still in excellent shape unlike other brands I have tried. And they are made in the USA. If I have to wear gloves, these are them.

    About the only complaint I have is that I wish I knew the leather came from animals who were not maltreated or abused (eg from a CAFO)

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