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Samurai KS4 Pruning Shears

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size: 12.00 W × 3.00 H × 8.00 L

Solid, inexpensive shears! Samurai KS-4 bypass pruning shears provide quality and features you only find in more expensive shears and are great for the occasional gardener.

  • A great tool in the garden that makes light work of pruning small stems or branches.
  • The upper blade has been precision ground to give a sharp cutting edge which won't crush delicate stems.
  • The anvil is also precision ground then chrome hardened to give a smooth cutting action which lasts.
  • The handles have a rubber shock absorber to protect the wrist.
  • A toothed center nut allows precise and easy alignment of the cutting blade and anvil, giving a clean and accurate cut.

You won't find anything comparable at this price!

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Blade is better than Felcos
Written by Gary on Feb 16th 2011

I just received package; everything was there in fine shape. I think the Samurai blades are actually better than the Felcos! The chrome plating makes them far more rust proof and longer wearing, although it makes it very hard to re-sharpen w/ a file. The Felcos are much better built otherwise, but its the cutting that matters most. thanx so much for a great product!

Written by Ron on Nov 19th 2010

I used these today and they are excellent. I ordered these through Amazon.com. An hour later I got a phone call. The seller said they were located near where I live and offered to drop them by the house and refund my shipping charge. Two hours later they were in my hand. This may the fastest Amazon.com shipping on record. Incredible service from Bear Wallow.

Samurai Pruning Shears
Written by Nancy in TN on Oct 4th 2010

An excellent value. Perfect size for a woman's hand.....I love them. This seller is especially nice to deal with too, I might add.

Samurai KS4 pruners
Written by g125ria on Jan 16th 2010

I compared the Samurai to the Felco 2 over a very long (thousands of cuts)period and looked carefully at the blades. The Felcos had shown definite dulling of the blade edges, while the Samurai blades still had very sharp edges! I think the unique chrome plating of the Samurais hardens the edges so they stay sharp longer. They also resist rust completely unlike the Felcos. The disavantage is that they can not be re-sharpened as easily as the Felco. Also the Felcos have better contruction overall, except of course for the blade. Its the cutting that matters most anyway, and at 1/3 the cost!!

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